the retro-inspired
handheld console with
open-source firmware

What is 32blit?

32blit is a handheld console with a big heart.

It’s small but it packs a punch:

  • Brilliant 3.5” IPS screen
  • 400MHz ARM Cortex-M7
  • Analog thumbstick and D-pad
  • Built-in speaker
  • 4+ hour battery life
  • and more…

The 32blit team grew up in the days when booting up your computer meant being greeted with the blinking cursor of an interpreter.

It was a time when you could immediately start coding unrestricted.

32blit is designed to allow you to realise your amazing game ideas in a frictionless and fun way.

Code in Lua or C++

Lua is the perfect choice for beginners and advanced users alike. The modern soulmate of BASIC it’s a great way to get started.

C++ offers extra performance and hardware access. Our projects will get you started and our libraries will make it frictionless and fun.

Make your own adventure

Want to make your own RPG, platformer, raycaster, point-and-click, side-scroller, racer, or rogue-like?

Everyone has their favourite types of game.

demo effects
"mode 7"

Tools, tutorials, and assets!

Take your game making experience to the next level with our asset editing tools:

  • Sprite editor prepare spritesheets, palettes, and animations
  • Map editor layout levels, define dungeons, and become a map master!
  • SFX editor create those essential bleeps, bloops, and crashes
  • Music editor compose a four-channel 8-bit masterpiece for your project

It’s a step by step journey from the basics all the way to finishing your first game.

  • Twenty-four tutorials
  • Beginner and advanced topics
  • Easy to follow
  • Learn the tricks for different types of game

Everything you need to get started on your game coding adventure!

We have created and commissioned a heap of great assets for you to get started with. You can use them in your games or just as placeholders until you’ve nailed your own style.

  • 2,000+ 8x8 sprites with scenery, characters (inc. animations), objects, icons, caves, and buildings
  • 100+ sound effects including jumps, footsteps, attacks, spells, impacts, and creature noises
  • 10+ music tracks to add ambience to your creation