the embedded game development SDK

What is 32blit?

32blit is a set of tools and software to help you build games for embedded devices.

It was originally developed for its namesake- the STM32-based 32blit console - and has since been ported to the Raspberry Pi Pico, including the Pimoroni PicoSystem.


Getting Started

  • Quick Start
  • Your First Game

Writing Code

  • Haptic Feedback
  • Menus
  • Vectors

Sharing Your Game

  • Build for all platforms
  • Share on Blithub
  • Sell on Itch.io


32blit (EOL)

The 32blit SDK's STM32-based namesake and original target.

More information.


Got an embedded gaming handheld you think could run 32blit SDK? Let us know at GitHub.

32blit SDK @ GitHub

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