microSD FTW!

We've decided to leave the microSD card on 32blit since it adds so much extra potential!

We’re going to include the microSD card slot on 32blit.

Originally we only had a microSD card slot for debugging purposes (you can see it on some of the prototype shots) but since it wasn’t needed for our core objectives with 32blit we didn’t plan to include it on the final unit.

Our vision for 32blit is to get people programming their own games, learning about game programming techniques, and embracing the types of games we all loved when we were younger.

For that goal we didn’t need much storage. Realistically you can fit a hundreds of sprites, images, music, sound effects, and all of your game code comfortably within one megabyte so the onboard flash was plenty of space to hold works in progress, finished projects, and our examples.

In fact we actually thought the challenge of keeping projects small in size was part of the retro appeal. :-)

What changed?

We have seen a lot of interest from people wanting to port emulators to 32blit.

In hindsight this probably should have been obvious since it’s an ideal hardware platform for them! But emulators really need access to more storage as the game images can get quite large.

Because of this we’ve decided to leave the microSD card on 32blit since it has potential to add so much more functionality for our users.

It also opens up some exciting potential for features like:

  • distribute your games in a physical format
  • take screenshots on device
  • full screen video or large audio samples
  • larger game assets
  • storing more projects/games
  • transfer games between devices without a computer

All of which would be very cool.

So there it is. Your 32blit will have a microSD card slot.

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32blit is the retro-inspired handheld console with open-source firmware. It provides a single hardware platform, a great set of game creation tools, examples, and tutorials to play with.

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